Media coaching

Whether it’s your personal or business life, the world is getting increasingly noisy, loud and crowded. There is so much information out there that saying something simple is perhaps the most complicated and difficult thing to do.

Getting your message across in the swipe of a smartphone or 140 characters is no easy task. Condensing the complexity of your issues in a 30 second soundbite can feel daunting.

Yet the costs of not being able to communicate simply can make the difference between you and the competition. Customers and colleagues want to know what you stand for and why they should deal with you. But they don’t want to spend time having to work it out for themselves.

The most successful people and businesses seem to have a way of getting their point across without using jargon or techno-speak. They use a universal, down-to-earth language that instantly makes you feel you know what they are talking about. You can master this too.

KellingWood helps you to:

  • Distil your thoughts, ideas and selling points into simple, understandable messages.
  • Work with stories, analogies and visual images to help you communicate a complex picture simply.
  • Practise and refine your thinking under the spotlight of the camera or a journalist’s eye.

The old motto “Be prepared” is never more relevant than in this context. We help you to avoid being caught on the hop by an event or situation that puts you in the spotlight. Our media training not only provides you with a solid grounding in radio or TV appearances, it also helps you to practise delivering your messages in a concise and engaging way for any audience.