Executive coaching for individuals

  • We help you to be true to your values, passionate about your beliefs and have a clear opinion and a defined purpose.
  • We help you to navigate business change by adapting personal styles and behaviour in ways that are consistent with your true sense of self.
  • Together, we improve the quality of your inner dialogue, which leads to greater self-esteem and improved authenticity of your communication with others.

For many people the toughest audience to communicate with is also the one that’s closest to home.

The one that’s always there; the original 24/7 presence that provides a non-stop commentary on your life.

It’s your own inner-voice, and it very often comes loaded with self-doubt and criticism that it doesn’t hesitate to share.  Or, it might shower you with praise and celebrate your ‘achievements’ – in a way that has no basis in reality.

KellingWood’s executive coaching programme help you to become more aware of the stories you tell yourself about yourself.  We help to adapt the story-lines so your mindset becomes more positive and you are better able to navigate change.

We work with you to identify your own values, goals and purpose to create an inner-dialogue that is more helpful in moving your career and your life forward.

We typically coach executives to help them:

  • establish their leadership persona
  • improve authentic communication with peers and colleagues
  • understand and withstand the politics of their work situation
  • handle potentially difficult conversations
  • recover their self-belief after periods of turbulence
  • plan for success in new jobs and roles

Our executive coaching work is tailored to your individual challenges.  It is not based on formulas or systems, but on the impression we gain of you in conversation and, where relevant, in conversation with your colleagues. We trust ourselves to turn those impressions in to a work programme that will help you to build trust in yourself as you move forward.

Our work together will initially span six sessions during which we:

  • Step Back to understand your personal values and drivers and understand the nature of your inner-dialogue.
  • Assess your current situation; identify desired outcomes and potential barriers.
  • Manage change by developing and deploying specific approaches, improving the narrative and reality of your life.  We continue to review the momentum and positive change they are helping you to create.