Engaging stakeholders

“Stakeholders” is an overused term that’s regularly thrown around in business without being very specific about who you mean.

We believe that stakeholders are simply the people that you want to feel good about you.

They’re the ones who should be saying “those guys do a great job”, when they’re asked about you. But too often your stakeholders are deluged with information and totally preoccupied with their own challenges. This means it takes twice as long for you to get your message across and can take up way too much of your precious time.

How do you get through to them, let alone get them to be your supporters?

We help you save time and resource by getting much clearer and smarter about your communications and concentrating on how you make people feel.  Firstly, work with you to establish what you would like your potential supporters to think and say about you. You might think it’s obvious, but often it’s not. What you see, hear and deal with every day may not be as familiar to other people – even if they’re supposed to understand your business.

Secondly, we talk to your key stakeholders to understand their perceptions of you, through a detailed and guided conversation. We do this in depth and in person. We don’t rely on surveys or half-hearted telephone calls that only get half the story.

Thirdly, we help you resolve any perception gaps or challenges that may arise, as well as building on any positive feedback and suggestions we may receive. We give you the tools and insights required to build more effective stakeholder communications that will save you time and effort by focusing on the right things at the right time.

Finally, we look at ways to keep up the momentum.  We make sure you don’t fall back into bad habits and neglect the all-important need to keep communicating in the right way.